The Business and Data Analytics Club (BDAC) at California State University, Fullerton is dedicated to helping students in the field of information systems and business analytics by providing an opportunity to learn tools and applications of data analysis and statistical methods in order to solve real-world business problems.

As we know, the technology used for solving and analyzing real-time data keeps evolving with time. This evolution creates a gap between what we are prepared for and what is really expected. BDAC helps students bridge this gap and provides them a platform to learn the new technology and get hands-on experience before they step into the real world. BDAC also invites professionals from the industry to share their experience and give their suggestions about having a successful career in analytics.

The Business and Data Analytics Club is open to all California State University, Fullerton students who are interested in data-oriented careers. We welcome undergraduates, graduates, and MBA students who are interested in business/data analytics.